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medical products

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medical experience

Companies who partner with IMS will receive top-quality when it comes to made in China manufactured products.  Our experience in China manufacturing of labor-intensive plastic products is widely renowned.

Wood products

A vast inventory

Of Different wood

IMS works with a huge variety of wood manufacturing companies in China. In the past 40 years, we have completed more than 3500 wood manufacturing projects. The satisfaction from our customers exceeds expectations. Our employees have 25+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We have connections with over 350 raw material suppliers and wood manufacturing factories. Based on experience and connections, we are able to control the whole supply chain from raw material to finished products.


Manufacturing made


For over 40 years, IMS has started helping US companies facilitate plastic manufacturing issues in China. We are currently specialized in making all kinds of plastic injection molding products, blow molding products, extrusion molding products, and more.


From Simple

to complex

IMS works closely with more than 75 specialized metal manufacturers in China, providing custom metal fabrication for a variety of US companies. IMS provides high-quality steel, aluminum, and stainless steel components through our use of cutting edge technology to ensure your order’s accuracy and on-time delivery. In addition, we have good relationships with many dependable material suppliers.


From small

to mass production

Companies who partner with IMS will benefit from a huge ​variety of electronic manufacturers. We have helped over 800 companies like yours successfully source or manufacture electronic products/components in China.