Overseas Manufacturing of Medical Products

International Manufacturing Solutions has state-of-the-art technology, Pristine molding conditions and consistent compliance and certification which are known to be the pillars of successful medical molding. IMS’s two ISO Class/Class 100,000 8 clean rooms (located in China and Taiwan) are equipped with the technologies and capabilities required to ensure our commitment to quality is never compromised. With a wide range of medical injection molding capabilities, we can accomplish the most demanding applications and rigorous requirements presented to us.

Innovative Medical MANUFACTURING

Our “clean room” facilities are registered with FDA, cGMP compliant and ISO certified to 13485 and 9001 to ensure quality and safety.  Temperature, humidity and air filtration are constantly monitored to ensure an adequate environment for part traceability and compliance. The rigorous controls around the validation of machinery and processes ensure unmatched precision and repeatability for our customer’s projects. When high-quality parts with tight tolerances are critical, International Manufacturing Solutions delivers.

huge variety

of simple to

complex Manufacturing

consumer products

  1. Injection molded plastic
  2. parts and assemblies
  3. Cut and Sew
  4. Custom designed next generation products
  5. Electro-mechanical
  6. Furniture—wood, metal and other
    Finishing-powder coated, dipped, chrome and other finishes
  7. Primary and secondary packaging; custom printed artwork
  8. Ceramics
  9. Outdoor living
  10. Projects that require disciplines across a wide variety of materials

industrial products

  1. Mechanical components cover the spectrum of all plastics grades, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and cast metal parts.
  2. Injection Molded Assemblies; all grades of commodity and engineering grade plastics.
  3. Single and multi cavity tools. Single shot, double shot and over molding options.
  4. Stamped Assemblies, Progressive, Deep Draw, Transfer and Single Operation pressings available in all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  5. Spot welding and all painting types available.
  6. Cast Components & Assemblies; Pressure casting in Magnesium, Aluminum & Zinc, Investment
  7. Casting in steel and stainless steel.
  8. CNC machining, sand blasting, polishing, painting and lacquering options available.
  9. Projects requiring a high degree of value added engineering and quality control services

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