Is China Manufacturing Best For My Company?

Overseas sourcing and manufacturing is not just for the big guys any more. Every year more small and medium sized companies are utilizing overseas manufacturing or product sourcing. 


Benefits of Offshore Manufacturing


With International Manufacturing Solution, You can spend less time worrying about internal obstacles and more time on design and ROI.

Production Optimization

Repurpose your capital expenditure budget for improving your existing operation. We will precisely match your project/product to a manufacturer with the proper equipment and technology required to get the job done.

Complete Transparancy

With every project we generate detailed reports frequently and in a consistent manner, leveraging technology, photos/videos for progress reports.


Custom projects overseas require more detailed coordination and lengthier turnaround times which are dependent on the complexity of your project’s needs. IMS pays extra attention to the QA/QC process, Strict Adherence to corporate safety guidelines and working with 3rd party testing labs.


Often exports from China offer the best shipping rates compared to other offshore manufacturing countries. As well as the ability to find the right production quantity for your needs because China has such a diverse manufacturing community.


International Manufacturing Solutions will scrutinize the whole process from design, development, manufacturing and quality control, to the freight, duties, and logistics. International custom manufacturing can save you money when proper planning is put into place.

You need to

Turn insight into action

Whether you are a small or large scale business, rest assured International Manufacturing Solutions will guide you ecvery step of the way.

What we do

Over 40 years experience & knowledge of international industrial manufacturing, dedicated to provide the best economical solutions to our valued customers.

Our mission is to be a company where and with whom
it is easy to work.

We are recognized as being an offshore manufacturer that meet the requirements
of its customer, ensuring high quality, reliability and safety.

IMS dedicates particular attention to the life quality of its employees, by helping to improve the balance between working time and personal life.

The market trends are submitted to non-stop changes: you need solutions that not only  answer, but also anticipate these needs.

In over 40 years of experience IMS has developed a “trust network” together  with other key Providers. This led us to share new ideas, theories, technologies, experiences and synergies with these partners.